Facts About Face Lift Surgery

Face Lift Surgery Sydney

Whether you are thinking about getting a Face Lift in Sydney or anywhere else, it is important to thoroughly research both the procedure and the surgeon performing it. There are numerous review websites and forums where real patients talk about their experiences. Studies have shown that such information can significantly impact a patient’s decision-making process. If possible, you should also read about the surgeon’s past results. If you can, try to find out whether he has had any public media appearances, such as when he appeared on A Current Affair on Channel 9 to discuss a breast implant related lymphoma. Furthermore, you can also listen to his podcast, “Inside Aesthetics”, to learn about his expertise.

Facelift surgery

A facelift is a surgical procedure that helps to correct the signs of facial aging, such as jowls, excess skin in the cheeks, and frown lines around the mouth. There are several steps that are involved in the surgery, including choosing a specialist, being given anaesthesia, and following a specific medication regime. This procedure is best suited for those who are in their late 40s or older and who are not satisfied with the appearance of their face.

Recovery time

The recovery time after face lift surgery Sydney depends on the type of procedure and the general condition of the patient. Some patients may need to take at least two weeks off from work. It is also advisable to limit your activities for at least two weeks following surgery. You may experience swelling or numbness in the face or neck. However, the intensity of these side effects varies between individuals.


Several complications can occur during face lift surgery. The physician should be aware of these potential risks so that he can minimize their effects or treat them quickly if they do occur. Complications can include bruising and swelling, hair loss, and infection. Aside from these risks, the patient may also experience a mild to moderate amount of discomfort following the procedure. This is normal and can be treated with prescribed medications.


The cost of a face lift depends on the length and complexity of the procedure. The fee will also depend on the surgeon. The surgeon’s fee will typically include the cost of the surgery as well as pre and post-operative care. The cost of a face lift may also increase if additional procedures are added to the procedure. Some surgeons combine procedures to lower the cost.

Dr Jason Roth

Dr Jason Roth is one of the most prominent and sought after plastic surgeons in Australia. With more than 15 years of experience, he has treated thousands of satisfied patients. His practice focuses on providing world class care at affordable prices. He is a well-respected plastic surgeon who has built a large client base in Sydney.

Dr Maryam

Dr Maryam Ronagh is a highly qualified aesthetic physician and cosmetic surgeon in Sydney. She holds a PhD from the University of Sydney and completed post fellowship training in aesthetic medicine. She has published research papers in peer-reviewed journals and presented her work at national and international conferences. Her approach to patient care is personalised and detailed.

Dr Zurek

Face lift surgery is a procedure that can give you back the youthful appearance you’ve lost over the years. Dr Zurek has 45 years of experience in surgery and medicine, including pioneering minimally invasive facial cosmetic procedures. In fact, he performed the first S-Lift face lift in Australia in 1998. He has also developed new techniques such as the S-Access Facial Elevation and the Anti-Gravity/Elevation Filament Lift. He has also pioneered incisionless ear correction, a procedure that has become increasingly popular in Australia.


A Z-Lift face lift is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a combination of modalities to achieve a younger-looking appearance. It can reduce facial folds and sagging, especially around the jawline and mouth.