How to Prepare Delicious BBQ Side Dishes


If you’re planning to entertain on a sunny day, a BBQ is a great way to impress. Besides sausages, you can try out sizzling kebabs, succulent ribs, and delicious grilled vegetables. And don’t forget about the side dishes! These are essential, because no BBQ is complete without them. Here are some of our favorites. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you to start your own barbecue tradition!


If you have a last-minute BBQ coming up, choose easy, potluck recipes that everyone can help make. While you may handle the main course, ask your guests to help with sides, desserts and drinks. Kids can help with little jobs like filling ice tubs and setting up utensils. Alternatively, make your own grilled salsa to serve at your BBQ. If you’re throwing a BBQ at your home, choose dishes that are easy to make and will feed a crowd.

Grilling meat over a barbecue is an excellent way to entertain on a sunny day. But there are so many more delicious dishes that you can make using the barbecue. Instead of burgers and sausages, try sizzling skewers, gorgeous grilled vegetables and all-important sides. These recipes will ensure that everyone is happy. And while you’re making them, you’ll have plenty to keep in the freezer for later use.

Cuts of meat

If you’re a passionate barbecue lover, you’re probably curious about the different cuts of meat you can use. The cuts you choose will determine how to cook them and how much they’ll cost. You’ll also want to take a look at the various types of barbecue sauces and spices available. In addition to the cost, the types of meat can also influence their flavor and versatility. Prime cuts of meat are lean and tender, while cheaper cuts have more connective tissue and collagen. Because these types of meat are cheaper than prime cuts, they’re also tougher. In addition to this, they tend to break down more quickly and require less cooking time.

Among the most common cuts of meat for BBQ are chuck roast, beef brisket, pork ribs, and chicken. But, it’s important to note that not all cuts are suitable for barbecue. Some cuts of meat are more tender than others, and some barbecue specialists even consider prime rib as an appropriate cut for barbecuing. However, if you’re looking for an unusual, savory barbecue, you should consider a cut from the chest, such as a pork chop or a flank steak.


There are many different methods of cooking meat over a BBQ grill. These techniques are effective and can be used to cook a variety of foods. These include barbecue chicken, brisket, and sausage. Smoking meat is the most popular method, but there are many other methods that can produce delicious barbecued food. Some people even use their grill to smoke their fish. Whatever method you decide to use, remember that your results will be based on what you cook.

Direct-heat grilling is the most basic of these techniques. The food is placed directly over the heat, such as a grill’s burners. The heat will be direct enough to cook the food to your desired doneness. The method is great for searing, which is a process of burning the outer surface of the food item. This method can be used for steaks and other thick meats, but it takes a longer time for thicker meat. Once you’ve sear-grilled your food, you can move it to the not-so-hot portion of the grill to finish cooking. Most food items cook within 30 minutes or less.

Wine pairings

Summertime is prime time for barbecues. Summer BBQs are a great excuse to celebrate with friends and family, and they’re the perfect time to show off your culinary skills and wine pairing abilities. While preparing the food is no big deal, choosing a wine to accompany the meat and vegetables is where things get a little tricky. In this article we’ll discuss some basic tips for choosing the best wines for barbecue. Regardless of the type of barbecue you’re planning, there’s a wine that’ll go perfectly with it.

Most barbecue sauces have sweet and spicy flavors. These flavors require sweeter wines, while spicy foods call for spicy wines. However, high-alcohol wines will elevate spicy flavors to the next level. As with any pairing, there’s no one right way to pair barbecue with wine, so make sure to experiment to find the best combinations for your particular bbq. Once you’ve found the right combination, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your barbecue.


The history of the barbecue dates back to early America. Its popularity was largely fueled by political leaders. Political leaders would gather groups of people around a grill to network and listen to their constituents’ opinions. Barbecuing was not uncommon during political rallies, but the concept became more widespread after the American Revolution. Barbecuing became popular at community events, including church gatherings, political rallies, and family get-togethers. During the American Revolution, many political leaders attended barbecues and social gatherings in the colonies, and barbecuing became an anchor for these events.

As time passed, a few entrepreneurs began selling slow-smoked meats in urban areas. They often slaughtered their own pigs, cooked it over a pit, and sold it over the weekend. These first barbecue stands started as street vendors or pop-up operations and later evolved into permanent restaurants. Over time, barbecue became more refined and consistent, and operators began offering a regular lineup of meats. They began buying meat from local packing houses and eventually bought individual cuts from pig farmers.