Video Production Birmingham – Attracting More Clients

Video production is a multi-million pound industry in Birmingham. Birmingham is home to a large number of film and television companies which employ hundreds of video production and post-production professionals to make movies, series, TV shows and documentaries. For many, video production Birmingham is no idle fad; it is regarded as a means to earn a living. Birmingham is a hub for film producers and post-production companies, with the largest industry concentrated around the West End of London.

In Birmingham, there are two major video production companies. The first is called The CIC DVD & Video Production Company Limited. This company specialises in post-production services, DVD mastering and video production, focusing on high-end professional video production for cinema, television, corporate and advertising clients. The second company is called The Wieden+icken Film Centre, which is situated in Birmingham’s West End. They are a highly successful production company based in Birmingham, UK that also specialises in post-production and DVD mastering. They have a large floor space and employ over 800 people.

The main strengths of these two companies are their expertise and reputation in delivering high-end video production and post-production services. Their combined experience in video production, post-production and distribution brings them together to provide an extremely versatile service to their customers. In addition, they use state-of-the-art equipment, facilities and equipment to ensure that all their customers receive the best service and results. Both companies have studios and video production units to house their employees. All employees at either company are hired on the basis of their skills and experience and if you require any further information, either company is happy to advise. You can contact them online through their websites or through email.

There are some differences between these two companies when it comes to video production and post-production services. CIC DVD & Video Production Company Limited specializes in the provision of video production services and is one of the largest video production studios in Birmingham. This company has its own video production set-up and is dedicated to delivering innovative, quality and cost effective video production solutions to its customers. The scope of services offered by CIC DVD & Video Production Company Limited consists of digital video production and post-production services for film, TV, PC, and commercial purposes. The company offers a full range of digital video production services for the entertainment industry.

The other company is CIC Multimedia Products Limited, a relatively young video production company that specialises in high-end, professional grade post-production. The Multimedia Products Ltd. video production set up is comprised of both an office and a shop. The shop is situated in Birmingham’s West End and the office is located in Deal, not far from the centre of the city. The equipment used in the company’s video production and post-production services is state of the art and is constantly updated, enabling clients to receive the highest quality products.

The company also provides audio-visual services and is deeply involved in the film and television industry. The company can be reached through a telephone call and an email. It also accepts walk-in customers and has a very high level of security to ensure the privacy of all customers. The company is well known for its award-winning, high quality, feature packed video productions and has won a lot of awards including the Gemini Award for best corporate video production.

The other main company providing video production and post-production services is the RCI Film City. This is a UK based video production and post-production facility with two main hubs located in London and Manchester. The Manchester hub features studios and production houses and the London facility houses production houses in cinemas and TV studios. Both of these video production facilities are always running on regular basis. The facilities offer services for all branches of video production and post-production. All clients are taken care of personally and there is no need to worry about any kind of communication problems.

This video production facility is a fully equipped facility which also caters to all kinds of media related activities like meetings, training programs, live presentations, seminars, conferences etc. Most of the clients do not even have to discuss the plans or any details as everything is managed by professionals. The company offers editing facilities as well as sound editing and DVD duplication. The company also deals with editing, video storage and distribution.